Free Fortune Telling!

  • Faloglan offers coffee fortune telling and Tarot readings free of charge once a day. You can support Faloglan by watching a small ad and enjoy your free readings. Don't you worry, Faloglan does not ask for permission to access your private data to check your background. He doesn't need it at all!

Coffee Cup Reading!

  • Faloglan knows that you leave every coffee cup, which you drink to relieve the sweet tiredness of the day, upside down and wait for it to cool down. However, you may not always find the strength to attract the attention of your friends to have a chit-chat. Send your cup photos to Faloglan and receive your free reading!

The Mysterious World of Tarot!

  • Discover the mysterious world of Tarot cards, one of the most preferred fortune-telling methods, with Faloglan! By means of the three cards you choose, Faloglan interprets the past, the present and the future in detail for you. Shuffle your deck, pick up your cards and mark one of the fortune telling categories such as General, Love and Career.

Read Your Daily Horoscope!

  • You may as well read your daily horoscope for free. Other than your main sign, you can also check your rising sign out. Not enough? Do not neglect to read the daily horoscope of the ones you love!

Coffee Fortune Telling
and Tarot Readings