This Privacy Policy explains what information of the USERS is collected, what it will be used for and what options USERS have.

Information collected:

When you install the Faloglan app on your mobile device, we collect the information listed below:

Device information (model and device number), operator information, network information (Wi-fi and mobile), various performance parameters related to network quality (eg signal level, link speed), location information, device all application usage information. >
This information is not personal information and can never be personalized.

Personal information such as name, date of birth, gender, relationship status that you enter while using the Faloglan app are also recorded.

Authentication data: including your username and password when you log in via the Application, a third-party user ID if you log in via a third-party login provider and your device ID. Profile data: information that you add to any profile that you create through our Services or Mobile Application, including any photos you upload and information about yourself. If you log in via a third-party login provider your profile photo will be used from the third-party provider will be used. Only applicable if you setup an account with us.

Usage Data: including information relating to your visits to our Services and Mobile Application, IP address, domain name, URI address (uniform resource identifier).

How we use the collected information:

By creating aggregated anonymous information from this collected information, we use it to understand the internet connection experience and network quality in certain time, location, device activities related to data usage and certain network situations, and to market the data services of mobile operators and the application services described in the terms of use according to this information.

We use the personal information you enter while using the Faloglan app in the preparation of the services offered by the Faloglan app.

How we use aggregated information:

We may use anonymous, statistical or aggregated information to improve your internet connection experience, for commercial, statistical purposes, and to create new services and features and improve the quality of the service. This anonymous, statistical or aggregated information can be used with business partners or 3rd parties with users. This information does not contain the personal information of the USERS.

Personal data belonging to Faloglan USERS can be processed and stored within the scope and time required for the purposes specified in the Faloglan App Terms of Use, if the USERS permit the use of their personal information, in accordance with the principles of the Law on Protection of Personal Data No.6698.

You can opt out of sharing your personal data at any time. If you opt out, you can turn off data sharing from the Settings page of the Faloglan app. When you turn off data sharing, you can use the Faloglan app as usual. In this case, no personal information other than the information required for the services provided by Faloglan app will not be obtained from you.

Who will have access to personal information:

Any personally identifiable information will not be sold, rented or shared to any company, organization, or individuals outside the company. Faloglan and business partners of Faloglan will be able to access this information only to deliver the services mentioned above.

Data Protection:

The information received from your device is kept in secure cloud servers in anonymized form. This information can be reviewed, stored and disclosed to the competent authorities in accordance with the law, upon the requests of the legislative and executive organs and authorities or the court / prosecutor's office decisions.

Changes in Privacy Policy:

Privacy policy is subject to change. All changes will be updated on this privacy policy page, and the date of the change will appear at the top of the page. So you can be sure this page is up to date.


To send your comments and questions about the Privacy Policy, please contact us via

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