These Terms and Conditions include the terms of use between the Faloglan website and its application (hereinafter referred to as Faloglan) and all natural and legal persons and institutions (hereinafter referred to as USER).

USERS, by benefiting from the services offered at Faloglan (with or without a fee) or by accessing the site or application in any way, are over the age of 18 or that they are under the legal approval of their parents or a person responsible for them; They undertake in advance that they have read all of these Terms of Use and fully understood its content and that they accept and approve all of its articles unconditionally. These USERS are deemed to have previously accepted every change made by Faloglan in the provisions of this Terms and Conditions page.

The fortune telling comments in the Faloglan site and app content have been produced for entertainment purposes only with imagination. It does not foretell the future in any way and does not contain accuracy. The comments made in Faloglan are a form of traditional fortune telling for chat and entertainment purposes. The content provided by the commentators may create misunderstandings and may be objectionable to children and those who are not mentally competent.

It is recommended that those under the age of 13 do not use the Faloglan website and app. USERS under the age of 13 can consult their parents about which sites and applications they can use.

All content on the Faloglan site and app is subject to the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works and all kinds of sound, image, text, document and all kinds of intellectual and industrial rights and all copyrights and other intellectual and industrial property rights belong to Faloglan. The structure and content of this site and the app, all kinds of visual materials used on the site are protected under the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works and the Turkish Penal Code.

No articles on the Faloglan site and app may not be modified, copied, reproduced, translated into another language, republished, uploaded to another computer, posted, transmitted, presented or distributed, including code and software, without prior permission and reference, except for the reference in whole or in part.

In order to be a USER in Faloglan, it is necessary to download the app and to fill in the required items completely and clearly while entering information in the user information form. USERS unconditionally undertake the accuracy of the information transmitted in this form.

Faloglan respects the personal rights and privacy rights of all USERS. It accepts and undertakes that it will not give personal information to any institution or organization for any reason, except for the reasons written in the articles and except for the request of the judicial authorities.

Faloglan does not accept responsibility for the consequences that may arise in the event that the USER's information is obtained by malicious persons as a result of attacks on the database and their misuse.

Copyrights will not be infringed on any use and software. All kinds of copyright and human rights liability that may arise due to the content added by the USERS belong to the users. For this reason, recourse to Faloglan is absolutely not possible. Faloglan and the USER are legally completely independent parties. There is no business partnership and / or employee / employer relationship between these two independent parties.

In the information given while requesting or making comments, it is not allowed to write in the nature of an attack on personal identities that are absolutely against the law and do not comply with the general moral principle. According to the law, when Faloglan inputs are used as a criminal action tool, if there is a request from the legal authorities, the information about the users will be given to the necessary places upon request.

The responsibility for the friendships and relationships established through Faloglan belongs entirely to the USERS. Faloglan advises all visitors to pay maximum attention to disclosure and not to share their personal information.

Faloglan is not responsible for the texts of USERS in interactive areas within the site; it does not have to share the views written here. Faloglan reserves the right to remove the contents of the USER from the site and the app without stating any reason.

USERS may not post or transmit any commercial or advertised information, software or material on the Faloglan site and app. It cannot make a request and advertisement activity such as buying any product from other USERS or selling products to them.

The USER may not use any information, software or other material that violates the privacy or publishing rights of another person, protected by copyright, trademark rights or other proprietary rights, or adapted from materials falling within these described classes without obtaining permission from the owner or the person holding the rights.

Faloglan is not responsible for any damages that may arise from unauthorized reading of USER data without negligence of Faloglan (sharing the USER's information with other people, not leaving the site, forgetting or stolen the phone on which the app is open, etc.).

Fortune-tellers are responsible for the comments made to the USERS on the Faloglan site and app. It is strictly forbidden to make any propaganda that degrades human values, against the law and the state.

Faloglan has the right and authority to refuse to provide services by refunding the credits to the USERS.

Faloglan can transform its services that do not require membership into a status that requires membership over time, open additional services, change their services partially or completely, terminate their services for a period of time and indefinitely, and make them paid.

Faloglan can collect your information such as device, location and network usage data by making it anonymous with anonymous usage information on the application or website in order to increase the service quality without violating the privacy of the USERS. Faloglan may use this anonymous information in statistical and performance evaluations, annual reports and similar reports, marketing campaigns of Faloglan and its business partners and the marketing of data services of mobile operators, and may store, process and transmit them to business partners for the required period of time. Our use of this information will be subject to the Privacy Policy of this agreement. Please read the Privacy Policy carefully.

Faloglan has the right and authority to cancel the memberships of the USERS they want without stating any reason, to change and / or cancel the service offered.

Membership information of USERS whose memberships are canceled by Faloglan or whose memberships are canceled in accordance with the contract clauses will be kept by Faloglan.

USERS cannot create a copy membership with the same profile information from different devices in order to request more fortune-telling readings.

Faloglan has the right to unilaterally change or amend the Terms and Conditions.

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